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Message from Our President!

Water and electricity, automobiles and motorcycles are essential elements in our daily lives. The reason is that they are indispensable to our daily use. But we do not just end by using them in our daily lives. We want cleaner water, safer electricity, and better-performing cars. Although different sectors presented solutions in various forms, the cost offered by the market is not small, which makes it challenging for the public to access them.

We, WITHUS, established the company with the spirit of delivering products that provide solutions with the most advanced technology to the public at the most reasonable cost. WITHUS will do its best to help customers get the cleanest water, the most stable electricity, and the car with the best engine performance at a reasonable cost.

Everyone, join us. Be WITHUS!

Mr. Paul Kim

Our Vision and Mission


Our vision is to help those seeking life essentials make their best choices in terms of quality and price - at our priority. Thus, we will distribute the best products together with our business partners to gain the highest satisfaction from our customers. We envision being a company providing opportunities for quality life and collaboration for everyone.


Our mission is to consider what are the most essentials in people’s lives and aid in providing what they seek at reasonable yet affordable prices. We are a company that provides opportunities to collaborate for everyone.

''Bringing the best of the world closer to you''

There are numerous high-quality products all over the world. We believe good products can enhance each individual's quality of life. Our company continuously strives to make them available to everyone.

Why should it be us?

We bring top-quality engine care products from South Korea to the Philippines to aid the high cost of vehicle maintenance and give the Filipinos a better experience in terms of vehicle maintenance, especially those in the transport sector.

Everyone deserves high-quality and clean water. As a company, we aim to provide solutions to improve the water quality in every household and community.

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