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About Whole House Water Purifier

1. Water supplied from outside the house to the inside is the root cause.
2. Soil and rust accumulated in the pressure tank for a long time.
3. Rust and scale piled up inside old steel water pipes.

The 3,000 liters provided for home use and the 1,000 liters provided for restaurants are the right amounts to use without any problems considering the water quality in the Philippines.

The purpose of this water purifier is to improve the quality of water supplied to each home or restaurant to the level of advanced countries that have no hygiene problems.
Since the water purifier filter provided has a 0.01-micrometer filtering capability, the water passing through the water purifier does not have a major drinking problem according to international standards, but it is not recommended to actually drink it. It is recommended that you install a separate water purifier for drinking.

The quality of tap water supplied to each household is not suitable for use with international standard drinking water purifiers. Even if used, the filter cannot cover the amount of various impurities, so it cannot be expected to function properly.
If you want to use a drinking water purifier safely, we recommend that you install this product. If you want to use a drinking water purifier safely, we recommend that you install our product to make the water clean before using it.

About Drinking Water Purifiers and Filters

Remove 99.9% of harmful substances such as E. coli and Staphylococcus aureus that may occur in the tank by sterilizing the stainless tank containing purified water using a UV lamp.

It prevents energy waste by blocking the hot water function at night using a light sensor.
It has a cold and hot water switch to block functions as needed and reduce unnecessary energy consumption.

To minimize bacterial contamination caused by external air contact, HYGIENE GUARD made of antibacterial ABS material is designed to be easily rotated and exchanged.

It is a finished product equipped with filters and fittings inside the water purifier.
Filter flushing must be done separately during installation.

It is a direct water purifier that does not provide cold and hot water.

Height : 105mm
Length : 205mm

Installation is simple as long as you attach the adapter and flush the filter.

Accessories such as fittings, tubing hoses, and faucets are consumables. If used for a long time, it is recommended to replace it every one to two years because there is a risk of water stains and leakage inside.

Long-term storage is possible if water is not passed through the filter. Avoid direct sunlight and store in a cool place that is not humid.

The date written on the filter is its date of manufacturing.

Flushing is the process of removing air and various components (carbon, film preservation liquid) from the inside using water. For effective flushing, each filter must be carried out.

The 1st, 3rd and alkaline filters are made of activated carbon material, so activated carbon dust may come out during initial installation or replacement. Flushing is performed until no black water or black powder is produced. It is more effective if you use a tool such as a spoon to lightly tap the filter and flush it. Drinking water mixed with black powder is harmless to the human body.

The first time you install the filter, the remaining air inside the filter comes out with water. In addition, the carbon dust in the filter can come into contact with water and form white fine bubbles, which is a natural phenomenon. For direct water purifiers, symptoms disappear when the inside of the filter is filled with water. For cold water purifiers, bubbles disappear while water is stored in the reservoir.